Real Training from an experienced Game Developer!
We show the difference between playing a game and testing a game!

We explain why it is important to work hard at school to get into the Games Industry!
Topics such as: Good Game Design, Games Testing, Character Design, Gameplay secrets etc. !
Class sizes are limited to ensure that each student gets the training they need !
Our recess periods to play games promote friendships and cooperative play!
The course has plenty of recess breaks so that students can relax and re-energize!

On the Final day of camp, students present their game to parents/guardians and each win a trophy!

Half Day and Full Day Camps Available - Book Now Limited Places Available!

Is your child interested in Gaming?

Inspiring their Creativity    .    Educating at their Pace    .     Making Friends and having Fun!

Welcome to Video Game Summer Camp ran by an experienced Commercial Computer Game Designer and Developer.

It seems the appetite for games increases and yet the truth is the gaming industry is one of the most difficult industries to get into, unless you have some level of practical experience and a deeper understanding and appreciation of what is involved in designing and developing a computer game.

We aim to give our video game camp students a 'behind the curtain' look at the games industry and teach them how to write their own video game, in a fun friendly environment. Between teaching sessions, students are giving recesses to play video games with their friends. Many of the students from previous years remain friends today.

computer game camp Sarasota and Bradentoncomputer game summer camp Sarasota Manatee Bradenton lakewood Ranch This camp is open to students from 8 to 18 years of age, split into 2 groups 8-12 and 13-18. Training is given in a semi-formal classroom style environment with 1-2-1 training sessions for students that require more individual help. The easy to use software we utilize makes developing a game easily within the grasp of an 8 year old and the game they develop will be under the guidance of the trainer to ensure they can achieve their goal. Older students will be able to produce more complex games that will challenges their skills and can delve into more advanced programing techniques.

Obviously the more time a student has to work on their game, the better the game so a full day course is recommended.

Parents, guardians and family are encouraged to attend a Video Game Camp Presentation on the final day of camp. Students can proudly present their game and every student will receive a trophy based upon the attributes shown during camp. e.g. Best Game Designer, Best Gameplay etc.

kids video game campThis is a FUN Camp with teaching being delivered in a relaxed and creative manner. It will provide a great insight into the Video Game Industry and who knows it may plant the creative seeds for fame and fortune as the participants develop the world's next major AAA Game Title!

There are Limited Places, so we Strongly Advise to Book Early to Avoid Disappointment!
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